How To Forward Your Mail

Forward Mail To Your New Apartment Near Texas A&M

As you begin planning to move into apartments near TAMU, make sure you officially update your permanent address. Otherwise, all of your mail will continue to be sent to the wrong place. The person who now lives at your old residence might receive all of your letters, credit card bills, and subscriptions. Along with the inconvenience, this could make you susceptible to getting your identity stolen. You can prevent all this by changing your address before you move and having your mail temporarily forwarded until it is updated.

3 Ways To Update A Permanent Address

When you need to change your permanent address, you can do it online, in person or through the mail. When you do it online, begin by visiting the United States Postal ServiceĀ website. There, you will need to provide your email address and your credit card number. The USPS will charge you a $1 fee in order to verify your identity. In order to update your address in person or through the mail, you will need to print and fill out the request form. Then you need to mail it in or bring it to your local post office. When you arrive, bring two forms of identification and proof of residence at your new address. Be sure to complete this process at least two weeks prior to your move so your mail will be sent to your new home when you arrive there.

Alert Companies & Loved Ones Of Address Change

Though the post office will temporarily forward all of your mail to your new address after a switch, it will only happen for a set period of time. After this, you will be responsible for notifying every company and person that sends you mail. Take some time to develop a list of all of the places that send you mail. This may include friends, family, credit card companies, utility companies, newspapers, magazines, and your bank.

Apartments Near TAMU

Understandably, moving is a complicated and somewhat stressful process. Once you move in, you will want to start enjoying the amenities at your new College Station apartment right away. However, this experience will be tainted by the nagging feeling that a complete stranger may have your important financial records if you did not forward your mail on time. The sooner you do, the sooner you can begin studying in the study lounges, relaxing by the rooftop pool and inviting friends to your fully furnished apartment in The Standard at College Station.

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